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Tips for choosing colors

The best advisor in this regard may be a professional stylist who sees exactly what shade of purple color is suitable for a particular girl. For further info, click here: best purple hair dye

However, not everyone has the opportunity to visit the salon, so you have to find the right solutions on your own. For purple paint to add beauty to a woman's image, when looking harmoniously, it is necessary to take into account the nuances of purple tones. At the same time, the subtext can also influence the choice of painting technique, because the line of relevance is quite thin.

Black and purple is good for girls with dark hair. Thanks to the purple color, in this case, it will be possible to soften the darkness of the hairstyle, thus saving the arc of some roughness. At the same time, the hair due to the colored pigment will start to look thicker. This is a great option for light-skinned women with gray eyes.

The violet-pinkish tone, depending on your temperature, may be suitable for girls with light skin and dark skin. In this case, for owners of peach skin, it is preferable to choose a shade with a reddish undertone.

For example, today the light colors of violet are incredibly popular, including grayish violet, bleached violet and pearl. These tones are literally created for blondes and are perfect on platinum shine hair. By the way, in this case, the toning can be different: both translucent and saturated, it will look stunning, highlighting the whole crowd. Such shades bring elegance to the image, ideally they are suitable for women with medium-sized features.

  • Staining methods and rules

  • Hair dye with purple paint can be complete and partial.

  • Complete

For the color in the hair to end, such saturation, as intended, the hair will have to be lightened. Girls with light curls should use preparations with a soft effect and 4-tone lighting (6% oxide content) for this purpose. Morenas will need a clarifier with a 9-12% oxide content. As preparations for coloring, you can refer to L'oreal, Wella, Estel, Schwarzkopf brands.


This coloring can be performed by different technologies. For example, it can be coloring, highlighting, ombre or balayazh. Each technique is suitable for different hair. For example, partial dyeing for dark or brown hair will be better if you make a contrast transition from base color to purple. In this case, the threads are collected with rubber bands, the ends are first illuminated and then dyed purple.

Care instructions

The most difficult thing after dyeing your hair is to keep the color purple. At the same time, strangely, the paint is removed from the strands of light. To maintain beauty, you will need to maintain the tone through the use of shade preparations. Someone would prefer to use for this tonic, other girls will stop their choice in resistant paint.

It is easier to maintain the hue of painting an ombre or balasteer. In addition, the roots were not painted initially, it will be possible to color them unevenly. In addition, the prerequisite of care will be the use of shampoo with a mild effect. You can also take care of dyed hairstyle with the use of balms, masks for colored hair.

Cosmetic products will prolong the intensity of the color. As for the hair, exposed to lightening, they will have to nourish, hydrate and protect from exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Do not wash your hair too often: this will release the dye very quickly. In addition, it is not necessary to wash the shampoo with excessively hot water: from there, not only is the ink washed, the onions are weakened.